My mom, I remember, called me, and she had talked to someone in Nevada City, which is my hometown, and she had gone to some big music festival and had sat next to a woman from San Francisco who said, “Oh, I went to see this harpist, and I loved her music, and she sang.” And my mom said, “Oh, my daughter plays the harp.” And they talked, and at some point my mom realized she was talking about me. And my mom called me, amazed, and she said, “She couldn’t even hear your lyrics, she was just talking about you, your music and your singing.” And I think that was amazing both for my mom and me, because I think neither of us had a sense that anyone would be willing to just listen to my voice, just listen to my music. It was so strange that I just sort of felt like to some extent people were just humoring me to listen to what I was trying to say, if that makes any sense. Just musically speaking, it’s been the most surprising to me when people have come up to me and have liked my voice, and have liked what I’m doing. And certainly not everybody does, that’s definitely clear. But when people do, it’s mystifying to me”

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